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D&L Art Glass Supply® Presents:

Palette Knife Painting with Glass

Instructor: Anne Nye

Dates: Wednesday, October 1st - Friday, October 3rd, 2014


Time: 9am - 4pm (1st & 2nd), 9am - 1pm (3rd)

Class Fee: $559 (non-refundable), includes lab fees, lunch, snacks

and continental breakfast.

Fusing experience is required

Join D&L and Anne Nye for a hands-on course with an emphasis on the artistic possibilities of creating scenes with her new palette knife method. This workshop is perfect for traditional watercolor or acrylic painters who would like to try their hand at glass, as well as accomplished glass artists. 

Students will be guided through the process of "palette knife glass" while creating studies of different landscape elements such as clouds, trees, water, and more. Techniques learned through these small studies can then be applied to their own compositions. Participants will learn how to develop sketches from photos for successful frit paintings and also learn which photos work best. Compositional basics such as color balance, shading/contouring, and value will all be discussed and implemented during this workshop.

Participants will be lead through a series of experiments with color, creating thumbnails that will serve as smaller studies, aiding in the creation of the final pieces. The sample tiles created in this workshop will serve as a valuable reference tool for future projects. On the final day of the workshop, Anne and participants will critique and troubleshoot any issues that occurred during the pieces' firing, as well as learn how to apply the palette knife technique to "painting" flowers in glass.

90 COE glass is used in this class. The techniques explored in this class are applicable to either 90 COE or System 96 glass.

Learn more about Anne Nye

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D&L Art Glass Supply® Presents:rule

Advanced Fusing Techniques: Painting with Light

. . . A four-day hands-on workshop

Instructor: Narcissus Quagliata
Dates: October 27th - 30th, 2014


Times: 9am - 4pm

Class Fee: $899 (non-refundable), includes continental breakfast & lunch each day, all materials and lab fees.

(For experienced glass artists)

Join prominent Italian glass artist, Narcissus Quagliata and D&L Art Glass Supply for this exciting hands-on workshop which seeks to blend the painters' process and imagery with glasswork; fuse with a freedom of expressions never before experienced!

Participants will learn about the newest techniques Narcissus has discovered and mastered to create images that painters dream of. The methods taught in this workshop will greatly expand artists' ability to achieve many larger effects in future pieces, without suppressing any of the artist's expression or emotions. Participants will produce two pieces during this workshop, experimenting with enamels and frits in D&L's classroom. By the end of the four days, Narcissus will have enabled all students with the ability to create glass works that could previously only have been produced with paint and brush. 

90 COE Bullseye glass is used in this class. 

Class size is limited, register for this great workshop today!
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